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At Barkly, we make it simple to find a consistent dog walker who will foster that special bond with your dog that comes from having the same walker every time you book. Sign up today and meet local, professional Barkly dog walkers in San Francisco who will love your dog as their own!


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Our app makes booking, payment, and management a breeze. Quality assurance is built-in to the experience with pick-up/drop off notifications, GPS tracked walk routes, and photos from every visit.

We pay our walkers more per walk than any other company. This has led to a much higher quality of care, and standard of service compared to similar companies in the industry.

San Francisco’s Top 5 Walkers

San Francisco dog walkers in your neighborhood.

Dog Walker in San Francisco, CA

Loving Veterinary technician with 10 + years experience caring for 0-4+ limbed pets. My career has always been in animal medication and I want to be able to spend time with some fur babies outside of the being sick or just coming in for well check visits.See Profile

5.00 (0 reviews)

Dog Walker in San Francisco, CA

Hello my name is Tanitsha but your dogs will get to know me as Auntie TT. I’m the favorite Auntie they always want to go with because I spoil them and take them fun places to play and explore. I’m available to walk your furry friend in Oakland but I also will travel. When your furry family members are with me their in safe hands because I care for them like they are my family as well.See Profile

5.00 ( reviews)

Dog Walker in San Francisco, CA

Hi there, I’m Dylan a 26 year old local born and raised here in the East Bay Area. I’m hardworking, punctual, optimistic and a warm hearted animal lover and dog owner myself. I love walking dogs around the East Bay and have been doing so for 5+ years and also have a car to travel to you if needed. I have a Doberman named Beau who just turned 2. He loves our daily walks and I know your pooch will too :) I look forward to getting to know you and your furry friend.See Profile

5.00 (0 reviews)

Dog Walker in San Francisco, CA

Hello! My name is Dominick and I am currently doing dog walks full time. I have been waking dogs and doing boardings for the past 2 years, and would love to take your pup for a walk! If you need to contact me my phone number is 650-787-9129. Thanks!See Profile

5.00 (0 reviews)

Experienced Pet Caretaker And Walker

Hello fellow pet owners my name is artie and love to walk work with animals. I have lots experience with walking dogs in my community. I am a confident and trustworthy person that has everyone in my best interest to keep everybody happy and safe to my best ability. I am easy going, reliable and have a great personality that your dog is sure to be satisfied with. I am responsible and accountable for all my appointments and stick to a healthy routine around the health and wellbeing of all. I am very personable and full of understanding and keep a positive attitude and perspective. I read the energy of situations and go about the best way to approach conflicts if they should arise. I absolutely...See Profile

5.00 ( reviews)

San Francisco Dog Walking

The birthplace of hippie culture and present day home to the tech industry of Silicon Valley. In San Francisco, our walkers enjoy routes that feature iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, and beautiful hilltops that overlook the ocean. The natural ecosystems of the city are extraordinary and vastly different from neighborhood to neighborhood ranging from grasslands to wetlands, and the dunes to the bay. Barkly walkers can be certain that there will be plenty of diverse landscape on their walks! The city has a plethora of dog-friendly areas for our Barkly customers to explore including beaches, woodlands, and parks.

Customer Reviews

My dog can be difficult, but it was great to see that Xoan knew how to handle him like a pro and had a great walk with my spastic Border Collie. We will be using Xoan again :)

Jim C.

Megan was stellar with Bodie and didn’t hesitate to take him for a long walk in the rain. We’re super lucky to have her!

Jim C.

One again she battled the elements and gave our dog top not care. Amazing!

Jim C.

Thanks again! We're glad you had a great walk with Bodie.

Jim C.

Barkly Pets Dog Facts About San Francisco


German Shepherd Dog

The most popular breed in San Francisco is the German Shepherd Dog. This city has more dog walks with German Shepherd Dogs than any other breed.


Lake, Lone Mountain, Inner Richmond

The most popular neighborhood in San Francisco is the Lake/Lone Mountain/Inner Richmond area. This neighborhood has the most dog walks of any other neighborhood in San Francisco.


89 out of 100

San Francisco's dog scent score is 89. Believe it or not, when dog’s sniff it’s terrific mental exercise for them. Our data suggests that dogs love to pee in San Francisco which means that dogs in this area must really love their long walks!

How Dog Friendly is San Francisco?

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100 out of 100 (A+)

San Francisco has a high amount of greenery compared to pavement. This area’s parkland compared to overall area is above average. A greener canopy for cities improves the quality of dog walks for both the dogs and dog walkers.

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97 out of 100 (A)

San Francisco scores high for dog-friendliness given the city’s many dog friendly places. It’s easy to take your dog with you to restaurants, cafes, and stores in cities that score high in dog-friendliness.



San Francisco ranks #1 of the best cities to be a dog walker for Barkly Pets. We rank our dog walking score by reviewing weather patterns, urban walkability scores, and other data.

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#1 out of 100

San Francisco ranks #1 in the top 100 U.S. cities for parks per 100,000 residents, per the 2019 ParkScore. More parks in any given city means more squirrels to chase!

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Common Questions

  • How can I book a walk in San Francisco?

    Download our app or create an account from our website. Once logged in, select "Book a Walk." Add in the dates you need on the next screen and select the duration and time you'd like us to arrive. Select or add the pet's you'd like us to walk on the next screen, and add in any important tasks you'd like for your walker to complete. It's as simple as that!

  • Can I meet a walker before booking with them?

    Yes! All our meet and greets are complementary and free of charge. You can browse through profiles and read our walker bios by tapping on "See Local Caretakers" on the homescreen. When you find a walker who seems like a good match, you will request a Meet and Greet with them to set up a time for a meeting. You can also opt to have us match you with a professional walker. Walkers will start reaching out to you as early as the same day you request the Meet and Greet.

  • What are the prices for dog walks in San Francisco?

    Our dog walkers set their own prices for 30 minute and 60 minute walks. Browse their profiles in the app or on our website to find the walker with the right experience and rates for you and your dog.

  • Can I have the same walker each time I book?

    We believe the best experience for your dog is a consistent walker, and when you book with Barkly, you will book with the same walker. If that walker is unavailable, you’ll have the option to cancel the walk or request that we send a backup walker.

  • Do I get to see the route my walker takes on the walk?

    You will be able to track each walk route in the app so you know precisely where your dog was walked. All visits are also followed up with detailed notes and pictures from the walker, so you know exactly how each visit went. Additionally, we offer 24/7 live customer support, so if you ever need anything, we are always here happy to help!

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