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Fairfax Village’s Top 5 Walkers

Fairfax Village dog walkers in your neighborhood.

Experience Pet Care In Towson

Hi there! My name is Katie and I have been working with pups and kitties for almost ten years now! I have previous experience with dogs ranging from mini poodles to mastiffs. I am comfortable working with all ages and disabilities. I am also comfortable giving medicines as well. I have stayed in houses for weeks at a time too. I am a full time student at Towson but I have a flexible schedule!See Profile

4.99 (43 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

My friends call me LB! I grew up in West Virginia with a few mix breed dogs throughout my childhood. My dogs were, without a doubt, my first best friend. Not only were they my best friends but they motivated me to have my 2nd job which was walking dogs (delivering newspapers was my first!). I’ve been walking with Barkley here and there for a couple of years. As a result of covid-19 I have a lot more time on my hands and I’m looking to meet YOUR furry friend and take them for a walk.See Profile

5.00 (17 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

I have always had a love and passion for animals and want to love on your pets while you work or travel.See Profile

4.98 (12 reviews)

DMV Experienced Dog Walker

Hi, please call me Jax. I am a 22 year old student living in Alexandria, VA for college. I am from California and I have been around dogs my whole life. My family breeds Rottweilers and Boxers to be highly trained protective dogs, as we call them, family guardian angels. I have a natural love for the big and cuddly but any dog can capture my heart. I run the 800m and throw discus track and field so I especially enjoy high energy dogs that can keep up with me and need to get a good run in. Additionally, I also have experience working with elderly dogs and I enjoy a leisurely park stroll just as well.My favorite place to jog is Huntley Meadows park in Alexandria which is quite the urban esca...See Profile

5.00 (6 reviews)

Ruff & Roll :)

Hi! My name is Heather and I am a 25 year old woman that has been working as a Professional Pet Care Provider for years now. I grew up on a farm in Powhatan, Va with all kinds of animals but most importantly I grew up with 7 dogs (big & small) and 3 cats. I love all dogs & cats and am very confident around them. I treat all animals as if they are my own and I will go out of my way to make sure you and your pets feel safe and happy in my care :) I’m trustworthy and can accommodate whatever your needs are for your dog’s walk or your kitty’s care! I am very reliable and I have a very flexible schedule. This is not only a job to me as it is something that I love and am very passionate about! I h...See Profile

5.00 (32 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Gina is a champ. Our alarm system went off while she was exiting our house, and instead of just leaving, she stuck around to troubleshoot with us via text so the police didn't show up to a false alarm. On top of that, our dog gave her a sweet welcome...

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for the updates on his #2s! We're trying to get healthy again. Can you let us know if/when you fill his water bowl? That helps us keep track of how much he's drinking each day. Thanks so much!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks, London! When you come back, Duncan will remember you and greet you with big tail wags! He’s only shy the first time he meets someone new. Thanks again!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks so much! Duncan loves his walks with you! Have you happened to notice if his water bowl is lower than usual now that it’s summer and hotter outside?

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks Derrick! Great photo today! He has a good number of pit bull friends but some of the others in our neighborhood have put off a less friendly vibe.

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks for being patient with Duncan while he was slow to get off the couch! He is exhausted from camping and hiking all Labor Day Weekend!

Packy & Rachael G.

Duncan’s best walkies ever with his friend, Atlas! Thank you for making his day! He hasn’t stopped talking about it since I got home.

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for taking such good care of our boy! And for sitting with him and keeping him company when he wanted a shorter walk!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for walking Duncan on a nice long route! He needs to get all that energy out during the day! We appreciate you!

Packy & Rachael G.

Jaishana was pleasant this morning, despite having to arrive so very early. She is ready to take care of Meg.

James L.

Thank you for taking Duncan on such long walks! And for brushing him! He loves walkies with Gina!

Packy & Rachael G.

Happy New Year, Derrick! Thank you for another wonderful year of taking great care of Duncan!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks for spending time with Duncan on the weekend! Sounds like he had a great visit!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for the super thorough report card! I feel like I was on the walk with you!

Packy & Rachael G.

Clarice, I am glad you like Meg. That caterwauling gets on my nerves, some days.

James L.

Thank you for the thorough report card and for the extra brushing in the yard!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you so much for bringing in the boxes on our porch! You’re the best!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for walking our boy, even in the rain! He missed you, I’m sure!

Packy & Rachael G.

Duncan is is appreciative and we are too! Thanks for pulling our mail in!

Packy & Rachael G.

I love hearing that he was affectionate! He has been very cuddly lately!

Packy & Rachael G.

Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Fairfax Village


Labrador Retriever

The most popular breed in Fairfax Village is the Labrador Retriever. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Labrador Retrievers than any other breed.


1.17 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Fairfax Village walk an average distance of 1.17 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.06 miles.

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Common Questions

  • How can I book a walk in Washington DC?

    Download our app or create an account from our website. Once logged in, select "Book a Walk." Add in the dates you need on the next screen and select the duration and time you'd like us to arrive. Select or add the pet's you'd like us to walk on the next screen, and add in any important tasks you'd like for your walker to complete. It's as simple as that!

  • Can I meet a walker before booking with them?

    Yes! All our meet and greets are complementary and free of charge. You can browse through profiles and read our walker bios by tapping on "See Local Caretakers" on the homescreen. When you find a walker who seems like a good match, you will request a Meet and Greet with them to set up a time for a meeting. You can also opt to have us match you with a professional walker. Walkers will start reaching out to you as early as the same day you request the Meet and Greet.

  • What are the prices for dog walks in Washington DC?

    Our dog walkers set their own prices for 30 minute and 60 minute walks. Browse their profiles in the app or on our website to find the walker with the right experience and rates for you and your dog.

  • Can I have the same walker each time I book?

    We believe the best experience for your dog is a consistent walker, and when you book with Barkly, you will book with the same walker. If that walker is unavailable, you’ll have the option to cancel the walk or request that we send a backup walker.

  • Do I get to see the route my walker takes on the walk?

    You will be able to track each walk route in the app so you know precisely where your dog was walked. All visits are also followed up with detailed notes and pictures from the walker, so you know exactly how each visit went. Additionally, we offer 24/7 live customer support, so if you ever need anything, we are always here happy to help!

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