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Dog Walker in Washington, DC

Professional, fun-loving walker and animal lover with 25+ years of dog handling/caring/owning experience. As a Barkly pet professional, I strive to provide an excellent service to all parties involved when taking care of your four-legged loved one 🐕 :) See Profile

4.99 (566 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

I'm a native of Washington D.C., My love for animals allowed me to care for and raise numerous dogs, cats turtles and birds .I understand the patience it takes to ensure dogs and cats are well nutured and treated kindly. I am physically fit and look forward to meeting your love one. I will care for them as if they were my very own . I grew up in a household where being responsible was a must . I've raised over several different pets and currently I have two lovely kid dogs Belle , 6 and Benji ,8 who I care for daily . My years of caring for dogs along with other pets provided me with the knowledge it takes to ensure the safety and know how to be a great caretaker for dogs and cats. Can't... See Profile

4.98 (350 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

Been dog walking/pet sitting for a about 3 years now, love it, so much fun hanging out with animals all day! I have had my own pets throughout the years, growing up, sadly i have none of my own now. See Profile

4.98 (323 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

A Barkly walker in the SW, Navy Yard and nearby neighborhoods since fall 2016. Great at getting shy dogs to warm up. Best with dogs over a year old. I love being part of you and your dog's days!

4.97 (202 reviews)

Dog Walker in Washington, DC

I'm currently a student studying psychology. I've been pet sitting for friends and neighbors since high school and am still waiting for the day when I can get a furry friend of my very own. Over the years, I've come to understand that the most important thing when it comes to interacting with animals really just is patience. Nice long belly rubs don't hurt though :)

4.97 (169 reviews)

Customer Reviews

Gina is a champ. Our alarm system went off while she was exiting our house, and instead of just leaving, she stuck around to troubleshoot with us via text so the police didn't show up to a false alarm. On top of that, our dog gave her a sweet welcome...

Packy & Rachael G.

We LOVE having Derrick walk Higgins!!! He has mastered our front door keypad and we never have to worry about when he is coming. He is always on time and consistently picks up our walks. Higgins loves him too and always gets in a good bit of exercis...

Adrienne S.

Thank you for the updates on his #2s! We're trying to get healthy again. Can you let us know if/when you fill his water bowl? That helps us keep track of how much he's drinking each day. Thanks so much!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks, London! When you come back, Duncan will remember you and greet you with big tail wags! He’s only shy the first time he meets someone new. Thanks again!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks so much! Duncan loves his walks with you! Have you happened to notice if his water bowl is lower than usual now that it’s summer and hotter outside?

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks Derrick! Great photo today! He has a good number of pit bull friends but some of the others in our neighborhood have put off a less friendly vibe.

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks for being patient with Duncan while he was slow to get off the couch! He is exhausted from camping and hiking all Labor Day Weekend!

Packy & Rachael G.

Duncan’s best walkies ever with his friend, Atlas! Thank you for making his day! He hasn’t stopped talking about it since I got home.

Packy & Rachael G.

I appreciate you working on his leash pulling!!! This is a recent development and I need to do some research to help teach him too!

Adrienne S.

Thank you for taking such good care of our boy! And for sitting with him and keeping him company when he wanted a shorter walk!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks for keeping such a close eye on Higgins while he is sick and coming at the beginning of the window! You're the best!

Adrienne S.

Thank you for walking Duncan on a nice long route! He needs to get all that energy out during the day! We appreciate you!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thanks for watching him so closely! I promise we feed him!! Haha apparently chicken bones are just too good to pass up!

Adrienne S.

Derrick was great with his updates and sweet note about our pup. Arrived on time and have no issues. Thanks Derrick!!!

Dylan Y.

Jaishana was pleasant this morning, despite having to arrive so very early. She is ready to take care of Meg.

James L.

Aw the inside pic is cute!!! Thanks for taking him on such a good walk even in the nasty, rainy weather!

Adrienne S.

Thank you for taking Duncan on such long walks! And for brushing him! He loves walkies with Gina!

Packy & Rachael G.

Thank you for coming after 2:00 as requested!!! That was so helpful for our schedule!

Adrienne S.

Thank you for the super thorough report card! I feel like I was on the walk with you!

Packy & Rachael G.

Clarice, I am glad you like Meg. That caterwauling gets on my nerves, some days.

James L.

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Barkly Pets Dog Facts About Shipley Terrace



The most popular breed in Shipley Terrace is the Poodle. This neighborhood has more dog walks with Poodles than any other breed.


1.13 miles

Barkly Pets dog walkers in Shipley Terrace walk an average distance of 1.13 miles. This distance is below average in comparison to the overall Barkly Pets average walk distance by 0.10 miles.

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