Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I book a walk?

    On your homescreen, click "Book a Walk." Add in the dates you need on the next screen and select the duration and time you'd like us to arrive. Next, a list of walkers will appear with their availability and prices, and you will select the walker of your choice. Then, select or add the pet's you'd like us to walk on the next screen, and add in any important tasks you'd like for your walker to complete. It's as simple as that!

  • Do you care for cats too?

    Yes! We love cats and our walkers are cat people, too. If you're going out of town or need someone to stop by to care for and play with your cat, we'd happily do so. All cat visits include a litter box cleaning, water and food refreshing, and as much interaction as your cat is willing to allow.

  • Can I book multiple walks per day?

    Absolutely. On your homescreen, click "Book a Walk" add in the dates you need. You can select multiple time windows and specify the times down below.

  • What times can I book a walk?

    We operate every day from 6 am to 10 pm.

  • Can I request a specific time for my walk?

    Of course. If a general time frame doesn't fit your pet's needs, you can certainly request a specific time. When booking your walk, you'll first select a time window you'd like the walk to occur in. Below that, select "Add specific arrival time(s)" to select an exact time for your walker to arrive.

  • What do I do if my pet has special needs?

    If you have a pet with special needs, that's no problem at all. When you book your walk, you can add in any important information that we need to know in the "Notes" section. Once your walk has been booked, your walker will always send you a quick text message to introduce themselves, so you're welcome to communicate with them directly about your pet's needs as well.

  • Can I request for my walker to feed my pet?

    We're happy to feed your pet for you. When booking your walk, just add in the feeding instructions in the "Notes" section. It's helpful for our walkers to know where the food is stored, and how much to serve.

  • Who are your walkers and do you screen them?

    Our walkers are local, independent pet care professionals in your neighborhood. We select candidates based on pet care experience, customer service experience, background and passion for working with animals. Many have had pets their whole lives and are actively pursuing careers in animal welfare, to include with local shelters, as veterinary technicians, and career dog walkers. Every walker is carefully vetted, background checked, and provided with training courses before their first walk

  • Can I meet my walker beforehand?

    Absolutely! We understand the importance of forming a lasting relationship with your walker. A meet and greet with a local walker can be requested by selecting “Meet a Walker” in the app and is free of charge. You can browse through profiles and read our walker bios by tapping on "Your Local Dog Walkers" on the main screen of the Barkly Pets app. When you find a walker who seems like a good match, you can request a Meet and Greet with them directly. You can also opt to have us match you with a walker. Walkers will start reaching out to you as early as the same day you request the Meet and Greet. After the meeting with the waker has been completed, they will automatically become your favorite walker moving forward. Any walks that you schedule will be directly booked with them.

  • Do I need to meet my walker first?

    No, meet and greets are not required. You can certainly bypass meet and greets and book right away with us. When the walker you select confirms the walk request, they will always communicate with you prior to the walk via text to introduce themselves and would be happy to answer any questions for you at that time. You can always contact our customer service team as well in lieu of a meet and greet. We're available 24/7.

  • Can I choose my walker, or book with the same walker each time?

    Yes! You will select the walker of your choice each and every time you book a walk. You can browse through profiles and read our walker bios by tapping on "Your Local Dog Walkers" on the homescreen of the Barkly Pets app. When you find a walker who seems like a good match, select “Book with Walker.” Your walk request will be sent straight to them if they are set as available at that time.

    At Barkly, we acknowledge the special bond formed between caretakers and the dogs they care for. When you use Barkly, we honor and promote that unique relationship by ensuring your family will get the same dog walker each and every time you're booking.

  • What happens if my selected walker isn’t available?

    If the walker you selected rejects the walk or isn’t available, there's no need to worry! You will be sent a notification to select the next walker of your choice. If you’d prefer to have the walk request sent to multiple walkers at the same time, just select “Let Barkly Choose”. All of our walkers undergo the same onboarding and are thoroughly vetted and background checked. Any new walker will send you a text introducing themselves before the walk begins to discuss any special requests as well.

  • How do I cancel my walk?

    If you've decided to cancel your walk, you can begin by clicking on the menu item "Schedule." Select the walk you'd like to cancel, and at the bottom of your screen you'll see the option to cancel.

  • What are your cancelation policies?

    We are proud to offer a walker-first approach on our platform, so all of our walkers set their own cancellation policies. To review a walker’s cancellation policy, simply tap on their profile.

  • What if my walker cancels and the next walker has a different price?

    Once you select your walker, the price will be locked in, so even if that walker cancels and the next walker has a different rate, you’ll still be charged the price of your original walker.

  • How do walkers enter my home?

    We provide customers with lockboxes to securely store their key at their residence so that our walkers can get in and out whenever we're needed. You can request a lockbox from the app menu. Alternatively, if you live in an apartment building with a front desk, you can arrange key exchange through your front desk. Entry information such as your lockbox code is only available to walkers who have confirmed your walk for that day.

  • How do I remove my lockbox?

    To remove your lockbox, begin by entering your lockbox code to open the box itself. Inside of the lockbox, push the top button to the left. Pull up on the lockbeams to release it.

  • What is the cost per walk?

    We are proud to offer a walker-first approach on our platform, which means that all of our walkers set their own pricing and policies. The starting price of a walker’s rate will be displayed next to their name in the app. To review the full details of a walker’s pricing and rates, simply tap on their profile.

  • How do I tip my walker?

    If your walker does an awesome job (we're sure they will!) you can tip them when you rate your walk. You can select "Completed" in your app menu to rate walks and subsequently tip walkers. Note: Tips must be added from the mobile app (not the web app) and you will only be presented the option to tip your walker if you rate the walk 5 stars.

  • When will I be charged?

    After each walk has been completed, our system will charge your card on file.

  • Are there referral bonuses?

    Invite friends with your promo code and you'll both earn $5 of walk credit. You can view your promo code under "Referrals" from the app menu.

  • How do I become a walker?

    We're happy you're interested in joining our walker community. If you are passionate about animals and have experience caring for them, you can apply by selecting "Become A Walker" in the app menu.

  • I've Applied to Be a Walker. What's Next?

    If your application is selected, a member of our walker support team will be in contact you to begin our walker onboarding process. Please note: due to overwhelming interest, we only contact those applicants who are selected to move forward.

  • What is Barkly Pets?

    Barkly Pets is the most reliable dog walking app and the best way to find a local, independent dog walker. Our award-winning technology has been used on more than 100,000 walks and is widely recognized as the best app for dog walking among industry professionals.

  • What makes Barkly Pets different?

    Barkly is the only app that doesn’t charge commissions or fees to walkers on every walk. This helps us attract the most skilled dog walkers - people who share our values of deeply committed service. We are the best dog walking app for your dog, because we are the best dog walking app for dog walkers! Our customers are also able to select the dog walker of their choice each and every time they book a walk which helps ensure consistency and maintaining that special bond between a dog and their walker.

  • How do I contact Barkly Support?

    Our world class customer support team is always happy to help 24/7! For general inquiries please email us at

  • Are group walks available?

    To keep your pet as safe as possible, we do not currently offer group walks. For each walk you book, your dog will be given one-on-one attention with the dog walker of your choice.

  • Can I book on-demand walks?

    We require walks to be booked with at least a 2 hour advance from the requested start of the walk window.

  • What if I don’t see any available walkers in my area?

    We have the fastest growing network of independent pet care professionals that spans nationwide. If you don’t yet see any walkers available in your area, we encourage you to still sign up with us so we can alert you when there are available Barkly walkers near you.

  • Do you have insurance for your walkers?

    All of our walkers are bonded and insured. We carry three separate policies that provide comprehensive coverage for your pet, home and walker if anything should occur.

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